Featured in Sheffield Telegraph

Thanks to all those who came down to Meersbrook Hall last Sunday. I had a great afternoon in the glorious weather, and the tours around the hall were packed all day long! As usual (a good thing!) I met loads of interesting people and had a good time talking over the ideas of the comic with them.

Also as a memento of the day, I’ve been featured in this week’s Sheffield Telegraph.

Here’s what it looks like it print:


I also got a chance to tell people about the exciting workshop I’ve got coming up in November, more details to come!


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Sunday 11th September – Celebrating Meersbrook Hall

I’m very pleased to say that I’ll have a table at an upcoming event at Sheffield’s Meersbrook Hall on Sunday the 11th of September. Come and say hello!

Meersbrook Hall is a great place with a long heritage and notable former life as home of The Ruskin Collection, now residing in the Sheffield’s Millennium Gallery. I could write another post about the connections of the arts and crafts movement, John Ruskin, William Morris and Edward Carpenter, all people who have an influence on my comic – suffice to say here that I’m very pleased to be there!

The hall has had quite a turbulent time recently, with the council recently pulling out of it – but thankfully the newly formed Friends of Meersbrook Hall have stepped in. This should give a new lease of life – if you come down, do have a look around it.

The event is also part of the larger Ruskin in Sheffield, and also the Year of Making which is running throughout Sheffield. See the flyer attached and also these links:

Friends of Meersbrook Hall


Ruskin in Sheffield

Celebrating Meersbrook Hall event


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Thought Bubble 2015

Evenin’ all,

Just ordered another print run to take with me to this year’s Thought Bubble . If you’re going (and I recommend you do – it’s great) please stop by and say hello, I’ll be in New Dock Hall at table 187 – which is to the right at the back as you go in. I’ve highlighted my table in the plan below, which comes from here



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Insurrection available to buy in Leeds

Hi, as the post title suggests, Insurrection in now available to buy in Leeds from two fantastic shops; OK Comics and Travelling Man!

These are both great stores with a huge variety on comic books, I have spent many a lunch break perusing their shelves.

Of course if you’re not in Leeds you can always buy it from the online shop or if you’re in or around Sheffield the Sheffield Space Centre and Rare and Racy.

PS. Thanks to all who came to the Zine Fest, it was great to meet you all.


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Sheffield Zine Fest

Once again, I’ll be at this years Sheffield Zine Fest! Held annually in Sheffield’s Electric Works (just by the train and bus stations) this is a great small press event, with tables offering a diverse array of work, full of home made goodness. This’ll be the first event I’ll be selling issue #2 at so if you’re in or near Sheffield on March 14th come along and say hello.

Website: https://sheffieldzinefest.wordpress.com/

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Issue #2 is here!

Yes! Issue #2 is now available! It’s been a long slog to get this issue ready, which has many life changing events for me (babies house-moving etc.) but undeterred Insurrection has always stayed with me and has once again borne fruit!

issue_2_coverWe pick up the story of Matt – a changed Matt – and follow a tale of his normal life, but can Matt continue to live that life. Has his experience at the protest and after changed him for ever?

This issue is dear to my heart as it’s directly influenced by my time living in London and its highs and lows. This issue has a cadence to it, the rhythm of a busy life, but one being interrupted and questioned.



It’s also the longest issue so far and comes with the usual soundtrack suggestions and commentaries. You can buy it from the store here, or via the Comicsy store here.

For those who have missed the previous issues, you can also buy a special bundle deal of the others here.

I live in Sheffield, if you’re nearby and would like to avoid postage charges, drop me a message and we’ll sort something out.

I hope you enjoy the issue and I’m already at work on the issue #3!







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Lakes Art Fest, Thought Bubble and more…

It’s been a busy time for me recently for lots of reasons, but most importantly, I’ve been gadding about in the North of England at a couple of events.

Firstly The Lakes Comic Art Festival! I had a great couple of days up in Kendal, it was really nice to meet and mingle with other comic creators and the atmosphere was very welcoming. I certainly appreciated the volunteers who came round offering coffee and fruit!


It’s always good to chat to people about the comic and something I’m always struck by is how people share there own stories of dissent with me. With a story like mine, i.e. not full of superheroes or set in imagined lands, it seems to garner interest from people who have either had brushes with the Government on protests or live counter-culture lifestyles. It’s great to meet you and your life stories have definitely had an impact on the direction I’m taking with the story. I mention this as part of The Lake festival because the Comic Clock Tower (where I was) had free entry. This meant that a lot of curious people, not necessarily comics fans, came in to have a nose around, so you got a great cross-section of people.

A personal highlight for me was having a cheat with Joost Swarte when he came over and browsed my table. One of the downsides of manning a table is being unable to see any of the talks, and I’d been hoping to catch his, but this meant I still got to meet the great man!


Secondly, Thought Bubble in Leeds. This was the second time I’ve done TB, I was there in 2012 – and it’s grown so much! I was alone manning my table this year so barely caught sliver of what I would have liked, but it was soo huge I don’t think I’d have been able to anyway. Great time though – perhaps too great a time at the convention party as my head was pounding the next day! There are two festival  highlights;  the misty morning arrival by water taxi.


And also catching the first night’s performance of The Wood Beneath the World at Leeds Town Hall. Written by my friend John Hunter (see his piece about his involvement here). It’s playing up until Christmas and is well worth a visit.


Oh, and in other news, the long-awaited Issue #2 is almost here! It’s definitely true this time and no long delays, in fact here’s a section of the cover as proof:


I’ll keep you posted!





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