Updates, Zine Fest, BAFTA and games!

Hello, just a quick update to say that this weekend (16th of March) I’ll have a stall in my home town of Sheffield at The Sheffield Zine Fest. It’s at the Electric Works in Sheffield, which is the new (ish) building in between the train station and the bus station – which also happens to be the place I work (no direct connection between the two). Come along and say hi, there looks like a good collection and local stuff!

Image I’ll be selling copies of Insurrection and will bring along the pencils for the next issue, which should be hitting the press around May time. Production has been slow, which is frankly because I draw very slowly. Several people have noted how detailed the panels were, and that takes long process. I’ve thought about cutting down on the background details – but bah! It just wouldn’t be as much fun without it. It does seem likely as my May deadline approaches I will probably go into some kind of meltdown though, hey ho.

Another excuse reason for the slow progress (and not many updates to this site) is that the comic is very much a spare time obsession. During the daylight hours I don another hat, that of Lead Developer at the lovely little Sheffield games company Team Cooper (based in the electric works, as mentioned above). This means that during the day I get to think up and make ‘digital amusements’ one of which was recently nominated for a BAFTA, yes a real live BAFTA! This is huge news for us and something I’m immensely proud of, having put in a lot of effort last summer (very nearly not having anything ready for Thought Bubble) to pull off the BAFTA nominated Hoopla! Go and have a play – you might like it!


It was also very fun as I got to appear on BBC regional news – or more specifically, my glasses made a star appearance.


Not only that but I’ve also had a little tidal wave of good news as the project I produced after completing Hoopla has now gone live. Are you a fan of retro sci-fi, aliens, Zelda type games? Than you’ll Love Strange Invasion! It’s fresh on the Addicting Games website, give it a play and tell me what you think.


To round off with a bit more comic-based news, my May deadline is because I have a table booked at The Bristol Comic Expo! There I shall be selling issue 2, hope off the press, I’ll see you there!


About russstearman

BAFTA nominated Lead Developer, creating all kinds of creative joy. Artist/author of 'Insurrection' - a comic about about protesting.
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