News from Nowhere

Hello, here’s another update on Insurrection!

I had to pull out from going to the Bristol Comic Expo, which I did because I’ve had a bit of a change in my life recently which is delaying issue 2 amongst other things.

Instead I turned my attention to another more local convention – The Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair. This was an excellent chance to reach out to the more political side of the comic and see how it faired. I had an great day there and met some really interesting people. Thanks to all those who came up and chatted.

Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair

As I mentioned above progress on the next issue has been delayed, which means I’ll slip on my original May goal. Work is continuing on it though and I’ll keep this site updated.

The Obscure Cities

In other comic news not relating to me, I’m excited that it looks like some European rarities are finally going to be translated into English. François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters Les Cités Obscures are a French series of graphic novels which blend philososophy into stories set in fantasical cities (Schuiten comes from a family of architects) whose structure truely influences and sets the scene. A big hit in mainland Europe, we’ve only seen fragments in English, via American sources such as Heavy Metal and NBM. A specialist publisher, Alaxis has been formed and will use a Kickstarter campaign to see beautiful versions of the so-far untranslated albums made available. Well worth a look at


I’m a big fan of comics from the the continent and it’s great that more and more of them are finally becoming available in English. It seems to have a been a process happening in spurts and we’re currently going through another phase thanks to the always excellent Cinebook, and my new favourites Fantagraphics (new to me anyway), amongst others.

Finally, apologies to William Morris for ‘borrowing’ the title of one of his most famous works for the post title.

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BAFTA nominated Lead Developer, creating all kinds of creative joy. Artist/author of 'Insurrection' - a comic about about protesting.
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