Launching at Thought Bubble

It’s a week ago since I launched Insurrection at Though Bubble. It’s the first time I’ve ever sold a comic, let alone hire a table to do it and I really enjoyed the experience. It was great to talk to other comic creators and Thought Bubble has a really great, more independent atmosphere. I had time to have a chat with all the people coming to browse and got some great ideas for future issues.

My stall at Thought Bubble, with some interest punters (in reality two good friends who came along on the Sunday for support).

As you can see from the picture my table was quite home-made and I spent the Friday before cutting making stands and signs out of card to make it look more attractive. The thing that attracted people was the double page spread of original art. The comic art is all drawn on A2 sheets as I wanted the art to be as detailed as possible. I’ll go into the full reasons in a later post. For pages 2 and 3 of the 1st issue I’ve drawn a big double page spread of a protest passing outside the Bank of England. The fastidious person I am, I spent about three months doing it in the evenings and weekends, as it’s so complex. It really did have a big impact though with a couple of people asking me if the original art was for sale! Sadly it’s not as I’d like to hold on to the original art at least until the full comic is finished in case I need it for anything. It was very nice and flattering to get such responses though I’ll be sure to keep up the level of detail in future issues.


I’ve been to Thought bubble for last two years running and always come away with armful of swag and this year was no exception. Having a comic of my own meant that this year I could get a few comics by trading. Taking an idea from Rob Jackson, who had the table next to me, here’s a slightly blurry picture of the additions to my collection:

Top left is my annual update of Blake and Mortimer comics from Cinebook. I’ve been collecting these since they started in 2007, having seen the French original via Tintin, more on that another time.

Continuing the Ligne Claire theme, I finally got around the buying the final part of Garen Ewing’s ‘Rainbow Orchid’, and on impulse bought the omnibus edition too. He very nicely agreed to trade a copy of the new supplement for a pair of Insurrection comics, so a very happy me.

A new interested has been sparked in Escape Publishing, and a copy of The Pleece Brother’s collection, ‘The Great Unwashed’. I’ve not read it yet, but it looks promising.

The Thought Bubble is always an interesting read, and with the profits going to good causes, it’s an easy purchase.

Porcelain was giving out a free preview, and I’ve heard of it, but not read it, so I’ll reserve judgement but it certainly looks nice.

Nick Soucek traded with me for a copy of ‘A Working City’ as there’s some cross-over in themes.

Also in trades were Rob Jackson’s ‘Segway’ and ‘California’. I’ve read Segways so far and like the everyday life humour of the stories (though ‘Professor McGregor’s Fantabulous Time Travel Device’ could hardly be described as everyday).

Finally there was a free copy of Commando up for grabs so I can relive my childhood!

I’d also like to thank my wife Nikki, who kindly looked after the table with me and was generally great all weekend.

I’m now on the lookout for other conventions to go to, whilst continuing apace with Issue 2 of Insurrection, watch this space!


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Welcome to the Insurrection!

Hello and welcome.

This site supports the brand new limited series comic Insurrection which is being launched at the Thought Bubble convention in Leeds on 16th November.

Insurrection is the tale of Matt, a man whose life seems OK until it comes into contact with the mysterious Frieda, who is on a path to change the world. He becomes wrapped up in a world of protest and change, exploring the world we live in now and what the alternatives are.

As a special launch promo, the first issue of Insurrection will be launched alongside a special prologue edition, setting the scene further. Buy them both for a special discount rate.

The Cover of Issue 0The Cover of Issue 1








I’ll be at stall 7 in New Dock Hall. I hope you can make it, and I’ll be posting new things up as they’re ready. Roll on Thought Bubble!



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