In each issue, I like to provide listening suggestions to accompany the comic – a soundtrack to the series. Some of the the tunes I select are remixes, b-sides or other difficult to find gems, so to make it handy I’ve compiled them into the YouTube playlist below. There’s also a Spotify version, though I couldn’t find everything in Spotify.

Everyone’s reading speed varies so it’s a case of skipping tracks whenever you wish to and it feels right.


Issue #0

  1. The Cure  – Carnage Visors

Issue #1

  1. New Model Army – Vagabonds
  2. Nine Inch Nails – Selection from Ghosts I – IV
  3. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – Selection from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo OST

Issue #2

  1. Japan – Burning Bridges
  2. The Rakes – Retreat (Phones Remix)
  3. David Bowie – A New Career in a New Town

YouTube and Spotify playlists

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